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Business Expansion for AET Flexible Space Service and Maintenance Division

AET_SM_teamManufacturer and supplier of specialist under floor air conditioning systems; AET Flexible Space has supplied air conditioning systems to over one hundred buildings in the UK.  In the previous six months from June to December 2014 they have successfully increased annual service and maintenance contracts by 60%.  Centrica (British Gas) in Aberdeen, the NHS Education Centre at York Road, 20 Cannon Street, 175 Oxford Street, 76-88 Wardour Street in London and Kestrel Court serviced offices in Portishead and Gloucester are some of the newly signed sites for the maintenance division

The AET Flexible Space under floor air conditioning systems utilise the plenum as the ventilation duct, eliminating the need for ceiling based duct work, making it easy and economical to adapt to changes in the workplace.  The conditioned air is introduced into the space via floor recessed fan terminal units; or fantiles, which are easily relocated with the 600 x 600mm, raised floor tiles and also feature integrated controllers allowing users to personally adjust temperature and fan speed settings

It is well known that regular service and maintenance of air conditioning systems can bring huge benefits and savings for building owners and operators.  HVAC systems in commercial buildings are typically responsible for more than 40% of total energy use.  Systems not operating effectively can lead to interruptions in services and potential system failures which may affect not only occupant comfort, but also technology and telecommunications equipment which may require specific environmental conditions.  Facilities managers often struggle to find the resources to schedule planned and preventative maintenance over unplanned reactive maintenance works, and this has been more than evident throughout the recession period as operating budgets have been squeezed

AET have serviced selected under floor installations for many years but after acknowledging that many of their sites were over or approaching fifteen years operating lifespan, it was decided to focus on the promotion of planned service and maintenance activities for these sites. Recognising that the older installations may also require equipment reconfiguration and upgrades due to change in use and occupant density, gave the opportunity to contact many sites with Flexible Space installations and offer services such as full system surveys, health checks, reconfiguration, re-commissioning and controls and communications upgrades.  AET are specialists in under floor systems, and the maintenance division are able to help clients save operational time and money

After just a few months it was evident that this route to business development was successful, and in November 2014, AET recruited another full time engineer to the team enabling the division to satisfy these new contracts and further promote services to more potential clients.  See the new Service and Maintenance pages at for more information and details of the services that AET can provide