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Controls and Communications

All CAM and xTU can work independently or connected in a network for continuous monitoring and optimisation of the Flexible Space System. Our controls and software are compatible with most available Building Management Systems (BMS)

CAM Units: Flexmatic

CAM units have an integrated macroface processor (Flexface) accessed by the Flexmatic display.  The Flexmatic can monitor up to 16 CAM units, or 8 if the system is configured with an external BMS

CS 007

Air Terminal Units: Fatronic

Fan Speed and Set Point adjustment can be adjusted using the onboard microprocessor featured within the Fatronic control unit

CS 004

Communications: Flexgateway

Flexgateway – software – direct supervision of CAM and xTU

Master/slave function: communication where one device has unidirectional control over one or more other devices.  With the Flexible Space System:

  • each CAM can connect with up to 24 xTUs
  • each master xTU can have up up to 7 slave xTUs)

Flexvisor IP – access via Ethernet allows centralised monitoring and control of various functions to take place via a pc or other remote device

  • The system connections can be realised via the building existing network.
  • The notification of alarms can be forwarded to specific mail addresses or via SMSs.
  • The main system parameters can be varied by the application centralised post or also via a normal browser



Controls Features

  • Intelligent, user friendly interface
  • Compatible with most existing BMS
  • Remote monitoring function
  • Master-slave function


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