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Grilles & Accessories

Air Grilles

An air grille made from light aluminium alloy and steel, 600mm long and 150mm wide for use with stringer mounted floors. They feature solid parallel aerofoil blades supported with transverse bars and coated in neutral silver anodised finish as standard. Other colours are available on request

There is a simple height adjustment feature for easy alignment with the final floor covering without protruding edges or frames.  It is possible to install multiple grilles adjoining each other

Optional additions that can be supplied include collecting trays, opposed blade control dampers and acoustic attenuator

Air Segregation Baffle

AET underfloor baffle material is a medium-weight glass fibre cloth of high-density weave from ‘E’ class Continuous Yarn coated both sides with a fully-cured silver/grey silicone elastomer.  The material is a flexible fabric suitable for fire-resistance applications such as valve covers, expansion joints, or as a fire/smoke baffle in offices and factories and is easily fixed with clear silicone sealant


Total mass 560 g/m²
Cloth mass 440 g/m²
Coating mass 120 g/m²
Width 0.5 or 1.0 m
Roll length 50m
Thickness 0.3mm


Surface spread of Flame test to BS476: part 7: 1987 – Class 1 fire resistance

Fresh Air Supply units

The FA7/FA5 is an optional component of the underfloor Flexible Space System, and is used to introduce outside air into space when central air treatment plants are not installed


  • stainless steel sheet casing
  • centrifugal fan driven by electric motor
  • fan motor with 2 speeds; nominal air flows of 430 and 630 m/h
  • removable EU3 filter
  • anti-vibration base
  • inbuilt thermal pt protection
  • terminal box for electrical connection
  • flanged intake/discharge connections

One or more FA7/FA5 units per CAM can be located in the floor void to suit individual requirements of each Flexible Space System thermal zone, and correcting inadequate ventilation with guaranteed minimum fresh air supply

Introducing outside air at floor level instead of ceiling level by using the under floor void as a distribution plenum can improve the ventilation effectiveness. The outside air is thoroughly mixed with the recycled air in the zone room unit, supplied into the floor plenum and taken out whenever needed in both CAM-C and CAM-V systems

The units are easy to relocate and easily accessible for maintenance and can also be used to boost air flow within large supply areas

FSS Components

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FGC Grille for Supply Air









Air Segregation Baffle

air segregation baflle 






Fresh Air Unit FA5/FA7

Fresh Air Module


Fresh air module