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AirFixture UFAD

Airfixture UFAD is an all-air, under floor air conditioning system, supplying both variable and constant air volumes into a raised access floor

The system creates a well mixed Breathing Zone (nominal 2 metres in height) ensuring the hot, polluted air stays above the occupant hence creating the best indoor air quality. The well mixed breathing zone height is determined by the terminal pressure set up in the system.  Cooling loads to high ambient conditions and occupancy levels up to Call Centre requirements can be accommodated

The system requires an optimum floor height of around 300mm and with a minimum of 200mm required to accommodate the system. The whole floor plate is treated as one pressurised plenum as part of the supply air system which operates at a terminal pressure between 12.5 Pascals and 7Pascals depending on ceiling/slab height

CAM-P is a high capacity cooling system which assures maximum flexibility as the passive grille terminals may be relocated or added to very easily when cooling requirements change. During initial installation the nominal 250mm square or round grille terminals are installed into floor tiles and control cabling is laid loose on the floor slab making relocation very easy.  Constant Volume terminals can be installed in less than five minutes.  As a Variable Air Volume (VAV) system, terminals are controlled in zones using space temperature sensing and are linked together using a factory assembled and tested cable management system. All components are re-usable, so minimising waste, and they are secured to the floor slab so the system is very flexible and ideally suited to meet the challenges of modern office “churn”

cool-heat cycle

The cooling package comprises the floor terminals, controls and the bespoke CAM-P control cabling management system.  If heating is required, a hot water or electric heater box can be added. These fan boxes only run when the system is in heating mode and reheat room air, further reducing energy consumption

CAM-P can also be used with zonal downflow units on small projects and when central plant cannot be used

Low carbon emission and energy efficiency is at the heart of the CAM-P system.  When using a central plant all air system, it maximises the use of free cooling when the ambient temperature is less than 15°C – 80% of the year on average in the UK.  The combination of free cooling, Variable Air Volume and low terminal pressure makes CAM-P one of the most energy efficient under floor air systems on the market



Key Benefits

  • Improved Thermal Comfort
  • Improved Indoor Air Quality
  • Reduced Life-cycle Building Costs
  • Reduced Floor to Floor Height
  • Energy Savings


System Components

Passive Tile Units (PTU)

Fan Heater Units


Flexible Space Systems



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