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Nesite Raised Access Floor

AET supply the high performance Nesite panel and substructure suitable for use with the AET Flexible Space System

Nesite has over 40 years experience in raised floors, more than 10 million sq m installed worldwide and and is able to offer enhanced knowledge and bespoke solutions to clients

Panels are industry standard 600 mm x 600 mm composed from a variety of materials according to the application.  Each panel is laterally finished with a durable plastic edge, with reinforcement available on the under surface by means of either plastic laminate, aluminium foil or zinc-coated steel plate


Panel Core






The PANEL CORE determines the system performances such as mechanical resistance, fire resistance, thermal and acoustic insulation

Chipboard Core: 28mm and 38mm

Calcium Sulphate Core: 34 mm, 30 mm, 12.5 mm,  22 mm

Sandwich Core: 40.5 mm (28 mm chipboard + 12.5 mm calcium sulphate core)


Nesite pedestals are precision engineered to provide a perfectly level and stable floor that is easy to install and maintain and allow flexibility for future change in floor height

MPM Substructure



Resistance: Stringers (light, medium, heavy) give the substructure the right stability

Precision: From an irregular slab you can easily obtain a perfect raised floor

Stability: The column guarantees maximum stability even without any fixing to the slab


There is a wide choice of COVERINGS, to suit the function and style of every project

Standard: Laminate, Vinyl, Linoleum, Rubber, Carpet     Carpet

High Class: Wood, Ceramic, Marble, Granite, Glass, Decorated Steel, Bespoke



There is a wide range of accessories to choose from such as stand-alone units for electrics and communication sockets, floor hatches, air-conditioning grilles and special panels



  • High performance panel
  • Robust substructure
  • Compatible with UFAC systems
  • Variety of standard panel finishes
  • Bespoke panel finishes

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  • Commercial offices
  • Museums / Galleries
  • Computer rooms
  • Showrooms
  • Retail
  • Industrial
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