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Zephyrus Absorption Chillers

Absorption cooling is a technology that allows cooling to be produced from heat rather than from electricity

Absorption chillers can produce cooling from exhaust or solar energy,  working on the same refrigerating principle as the conventional electric chiller, except that the electric compressor and the expansion valve is replaced by the absorber and generator

A versatile solution for a variety of applications, from comfort cooling in commercial workspace to providing chilled water for process heat applications.  At AET we can design and supply an integrated Solar Cooling solution incorporating our Solar Thermal collectors and Under Floor Air Conditioning systems

We offer a range of units including the standard Hot Water SAB-HW, Single Effect, Double Lift Hot Water SAB_LW, Direct Fired SAB-DF and Steam Fired SAB-SF

Hot Water Absorption Chiller


SAB-HW Features

  • Capacity 15 to 1000 tons/52 to 3516 kW
  • Absorbent: Lithium Bromide + H20
  • Refrigerant: H20
  • Heat Source: Hot Water (80-1150C)
  • COP: 0.6-0.75
  • Excellent part load performance
  • Low noise & vibration
  • Easy installation & maintenance
  • Environmentally safe
  • Automatic purge system
  • CE listed
  • ARI Standard 575

 For large range to 2000 TR, please enquire

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