Bloomberg City Gate HouseAET Flexible Space

Bloomberg City Gate House

London, UK

Phased refurbishment for Bloomberg LP and Herbert Smith LLP at City Gate House 39-45 Finsbury Square 1996 – 2006

Flexible Space Under Floor Air Conditioning was supplied to create a high level of air conditioned comfort for this height restricted, densely occupied building

  • Architect = Axis Design
  • Consultant = FC Foreman / The Engineering Partnership
  • Contractor = Overbury

30 CAM-C35 downflow units were adapted specifically for this project as the client required return air at high level, but was unable to adopt the CAM-V system due to noise levels exceeding the specification and due to restricted height there was no room to install a silencer unit.  This was overcome by installing attenuators to either side of the CAM and using air segregation baffle to re-direct the return air to the unit at high level.  The CAM were also enclosed in custom built stainless steel cabinets.  The air is delivered into the space by around 500 standard TU4 Fantile units

city gate house2

This site has some of the highest heat load requirements and occupational densities – up to 200 W/sq m and testament to the system was the client residing on the top two floors, not part of the original refurbishment specified the same system

Project Description

Six floors of UFAC equipment for the UK’s busiest news room

Total Area = 9,500 sq m

Ventilation System = AET Flexible Space CAM-C with custom high level return feature

Under Floor Supply and High Level Return Air System

  • City Gate House 39-45 Finsbury Square
    City Gate House 39-45 Finsbury Square
  • Bloomberg newsroom 1996
    Bloomberg newsroom 1996
  • City Gate House 39-45 Finsbury Square
    City Gate House 39-45 Finsbury Square