UFAC - Superior Comfort and Quality for OccupantsAET Flexible Space

UFAC – Providing Superior Comfort and Quality for Occupants

Quality UFAC InteriorSpecifying heating and cooling services for commercial workspace can be challenging, especially when considering speculative office developments where requirements can change frequently.  Making use of the plenum beneath a raised access floor as the ventilation duct can introduce a number of ways to benefit by providing fully flexible modular building services that can be adapted to tenant requirements

The AET Flexible Space system is a duct-free approach to air conditioning which can offer a number of savings throughout the construction process. Users of such systems have reported total construction cost savings by up to 7%, reduced energy consumption by up to 30%, and the ability to reduce building height or maximise the available lettable space by reducing or eliminating the ceiling void

The whole plenum under the building’s raised access floor becomes the “duct”, with each floor of the building divided into a number of zones depending on the potential use and occupancy density of the area. Each zone is supplied with chilled or warmed air by a conditioned air module (CAM), and the clean treated air is delivered into the work space via a floor recessed terminal unit, or “Fantile”.  The fantile has been designed to fit into the space of a standard 600 x 600mm floor tile, and can therefore be easily re-positioned in minutes

The end result is a clean and comfortable work space which can be easily maintained and quickly reconfigured adapting to change of use.  Additional features include local personal control of temperature and fan speed for users resulting in a clean and comfortable indoor environment for optimal productivity