X-Glass LED Media Facades by AET Flexible Space – AET Flexible Space

X-Glass LED Media Facades by AET Flexible Space

x-glass2AET Flexible Space, specialist provider of Under Floor Air Conditioning systems has secured the exclusive distribution rights for the X-Glass LED product range in the UK and Europe.  AET works with leading architects and developers and this product adds another dimension to the Flexible Space offering.  With X-Glass technology, users can create stunning visual media displays for digital signage, advertising and promotion in store front displays, restaurants, exhibitions, concerts and all branding opportunities

The X-Glass product range stands apart from traditional LED display technology with around 75-95% transparency.  The products are ultra lightweight yet durable and displays can be constructed from standard size units or custom design. With high resolution pixel pitch ranging from 5mm to 31.25mm and brightness from 6000 nit to 7500 nit, the “X-Glass” products are by far the clearest and brightest displays available in the world

The modular design allows large scale displays to be created from standard size panels making them suitable for use at concerts, festivals, stage production and other large scale events. Installation and maintenance is easy; the modular panels snap together by hand, and LED strips can be simply replaced within minutes without changing the entire panel

High resolution display allows artists and designers to maximise their creative vision with high quality graphics and motion effects, and the brightness makes these displays ideal for outdoor and large scale advertising which can easily be seen in the daytime or at night.  Architectural media facades can be created for buildings and projects allowing large scale promotion for companies and corporate events

The system can play video, graphics, animations, text and live broadcasts. Media façades create high-end branding opportunities and is an excellent way to present advertising campaigns to consumers.  X-Glass users already include Zara, Landrover, IMAX theatres, Hyundai, Nine West, amongst others and AET Flexible Space is excited to bring this new technology to the UK and European market

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