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AET Flexible Space Returns to First Point, Gatwick Airport

AET Flexible Space, manufacturer and supplier of under floor air conditioning (UfAC) systems has received an order for replacement equipment for the second floor of the First Point Buckingham Gate building at Gatwick Airport.  Originally constructed by BAA Lynton in the late 1990’s and equipped throughout with AET Flexible Space equipment, the property is one of few Grade A offices located adjacent to Gatwick South Terminal.

First Point, Gatwick Airport

Underfloor systems are commonly used in office environments, utilising the plenum beneath a raised floor as the ventilation zone.  Fully conditioned air is fed into the plenum by zonal downflow units (CAM), which is then supplied into the workspace via fan terminal units (Fantile).  The fantile units feature integrated controllers where users can personally adjust fan speed and temperature to suit their own comfort.  Systems can be configured with underfloor or high level return and can easily integrate with passive or other ventilation systems.

The installation at First Point, Gatwick has a CAM-C system installed throughout, offering flexible under floor supply and under floor return air conditioning.  The original development by BAA Lynton was constructed at the same time as a comparable building at Heathrow airport which used a ceiling based fan coil system.  After a feasibility study, the developers were able to demonstrate a significant reduction in building height; around half a metre each storey yielding a total height reduction of two metres; equating to a saving of £200,000 in materials.  It also provides around 25% more floor area than the building utilising fan coils. Savings in construction time using the AET Flexible Space system were in the region of five weeks enabling a much earlier handover and subsequently attracting earlier rental income.

The second floor has recently been let to an independent merchant banking group offering corporate financial services. AET received the order for replacement equipment from M&E Contractor Mala Engineering; comprising three new CAM-C35 downflow units, seventy seven TU4 Fantile units and eight FA7 Fresh Air Modules to upgrade the original installed equipment.  In addition, the client has opted to upgrade the controls system with the latest AET Flexvisor BMS enabling enhanced remote monitoring and adjustment for users and facilities managers.

AET are very pleased to remain involved with this signature building sixteen years after the original construction and are currently surveying other floors within the building with a view to further equipment upgrades.

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