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AET FlexTouch Controller now with CO2 Mode Control

AET FlexTouch Controller

AET Flexible Space, leading provider of Under Floor Air Conditioning systems offers the FlexTouch controller to allow enhanced indoor environment control for occupant users and facilities managers.  Available in black or white, the FlexTouch controllers are proving a popular option for meeting rooms and cellular offices where accessing the floor recessed Fantile controller may be restricted.

The new FlexTouch 3 enhanced model incorporates sensors for CO2, humidity, VOC’s and particulate count; all of which can have an effect on indoor air quality and subsequently health and wellbeing of occupants.  With the WELL Building Standard gaining momentum, these measurements can provide building operators with essential data and control functions to help manage indoor air quality to create more productive working environments.  The FlexTouch can be configured to override normal temperature control when CO2 or humidity control is in demand due to rising occupation.

Underfloor air conditioning is commonly used in office environments, utilising the plenum beneath a raised floor as the ventilation zone.  Fully conditioned air is supplied into the plenum by zonal downflow units (CAM), and then supplied into the workspace via fan terminal units (Fantile).  The Fantile units feature integrated controllers where users can personally adjust fan speed and temperature to suit their own comfort.  Access to the controller is via a specially designed hatch within the grille that covers the recessed fantile.

The wall mounted FlexTouch controller gives occupiers another option to maintain their optimum environment; offering users an alternative way to easily adjust temperature and fan speed of the Fantile units which supply conditioned air into the workspace without having to physically access the Fatronic controller located in the recessed Fantile beneath the grille.  AET have now further developed the new controller to incorporate CO2 and humidity mode control.

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