High specification underfloor air conditioning fit-out, 8 Waterloo Place
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High Specification Category-B Fit-out for 8 Waterloo Place

AET Flexible Space have just completed a Cat-B fit-out of underfloor air conditioning equipment on the second floor of 8 Waterloo Place for the new incoming tenant, a leading wealth management company.

The stunning Edwardian building with a grade II listed Portland Stone façade was fully refurbished in 2008, creating 3,000 sq. m of prime office space in the St James’ area of London, with the second floor becoming the first space to be occupied.

The system at 8 Waterloo Place is a CAM-C Direct Expansion system with underfloor supply air and underfloor return air, specified by consultant Watkins Payne Partnership after both the client and architect requested no ceiling based services in order to allow the decorative plasterwork and featured cornices to be exposed.  The AET Flexible Space CAM-C direct expansion system fits this brief perfectly.  The Cat-A works were completed in August 2017 and the building was subsequently shortlisted for the 2017 BREEAM Awards, Refurbishment category.

The CAM-C downflow unit supplies conditioned air into the plenum beneath the raised access floor, which serves as the ventilation zone.  This zone is divided into supply and return air paths using airtight relocatable baffle and then the CAM receives spent air back at floor level for re-conditioning, allowing the total elimination of services located in the ceiling.  Conditioned air is fed into the space using modular, plug and play TU4 Fantile units with the upgraded EC fan option for additional energy efficiency.

Working with Sale Service and Maintenance on behalf of the fit-out project lead, Overbury, AET supplied additional fan terminals, return air grilles and underfloor air segregation baffle to accommodate the additional cooling requirements and cater to the new workspace layouts.  The client also opted to install sound attenuator boxes beneath the grilles to minimise noise transfer between the open plan workspace, meeting rooms and Director’s offices.  User control of the underfloor air conditioning system is enhanced by the addition of fourteen wall mounted Flextouch controllers, permitting remote temperature and fan speed adjustment of the Fantiles without having to physically access the integrated controller within the unit.

The fit-out works reached practical completion last month and the final result is fabulous high specification, modern workspace.

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