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Heat Metering and Heat Interface Units (HIU)

AET Energy offers a range of Heat Interface Units and heat metering solutions.  Low carbon solutions for district heating and multi-dwelling residences.

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Combined HIU

3PHC is a terminal for district heating plants for heating, cooling and domestic hot water production by means of plate heat exchangers. The primary hot and chilled fluids are provided by a central boiler/chiller that supply all units through main pumps.

Plate heat exchangers are placed between the primary and secondary apartment circuit (heating and cooling) in order to separate them and allow an independent regulation in each apartment; simplifying the design and installation.

SND Ultrasonic Heat Meter

SND Ultrasonic Heat Meter

The SND ultrasonic heat meter for heating and cooling is designed for residential metering applications and uses the latest technology for high quality measurement and long term stability.

With no moving parts it is virtually maintenance free.

Twin and Single Plate HIU

The MTP and MSP heating units provide indirect heating and instantaneous hot water with thermostatic control. It has been designed for wall mounting or built-in installation.

An ultrasonic heat meter guarantees accurate consumption metering.

Wall Mounted and Floor Standing HIU

The WM and FS units offer a total heating solution consisting of a fast recovery hot water tank, plate heat exchanger, pump and mixing valve set for the heating circuit.

Units are available with 75, 150, 300 and 400 litre capacity.

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