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AET’S underfloor air conditioning technology shortlisted for Sustainability Award

AET Flexible Space have been shortlisted for the Sustainability Award at the EG Tech Awards 2021. Underfloor air conditioning technology is a sustainable alternative to traditional ceiling-based systems, and the judges were particularly impressed with the results of using it in a redevelopment project of a 1930s Clerkenwell factory, Harella House. Some of the key sustainability benefits seen in the Harella House redevelopment include very high energy efficiency, and significantly reduced CO2 emissions.

AET’s underfloor air conditioning technology offers very high levels of energy efficiency, sustainability, and air quality, and as there is no ductwork with an underfloor system, individual zones operate at very low-pressure encouraging increased energy efficiency. The systems can also be easily maintained at floor level, reducing the need for costly and unsustainable refits.

Following completion in late 2020, Harella House received a BREEAM ‘Excellent’ rating, and it is estimated that the refurbished building achieves a 47% reduction in carbon emissions. AET’s underfloor air conditioning technology has also previously helped to attract top LEED and BREEAM ratings, and can provide up to 30% savings in energy costs, and a 29% reduction in CO2 emissions compared to ceiling systems.

As well as reducing buildings’ energy consumption and carbon emissions AET’s underfloor air conditioning technology also allow for original ceiling heights and windows to be preserved during refurbishment or redevelopment. One of the main advantages of underfloor air conditioning technology is that all equipment is installed beneath the existing raised access floor, removing the need for high-level services and suspended ceilings.

Another key sustainability aspect of AET’s underfloor air conditioning technology is that it can easily support flexible working models and adaptable workspaces. AET’s unique Fantile™ units sit within the raised access floor and can be repositioned within minutes, to suit ever changing office layouts, without the high costs associated with moving or altering ceiling-based systems. This flexible approach gives the end-users of office spaces complete control over how they are used, and ensure a longer lifetime for the air conditioning system.

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Many, if not most commercial #OfficeBuildings are designed with ceiling-based #AirConditioning systems but are they truly #Sustainable? Take a read of our own industry expert's blog, by Matt Edney, sharing the sustainable answer to air conditioning - http://shorturl.at/lKOVZ

"For years developers have been progressing their projects using tried and tested methods, which are now being put under the spotlight. Why? Because in most cases, these tried and tested methods of building have been proven to be unsustainable." - http://shorturl.at/qyJU9

@AET_FSS underfloor system helps a redeveloped 1950’s office building http://ow.ly/TNzn30rN6iy

A recent poll of 12,000 employees in the UK found that 20% of workers described their office as cold, 30% were unhappy with light levels, and 13% thought their workplace was ugly - double the global average. Overall, 1/3 of British workers said they disliked their environment.

@AET_FSS underfloor system helps a redeveloped 1950’s office building http://ow.ly/BUnE30rN6gi

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