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Primaria New Air Heat Recovery

New Air

The Energy Saving New Air heating and cooling solution integrates heat pump and heat recovery technologies for ultra-high efficiency building services applications, and is ideal for a wide choice of commercial and public building applications which require clean, healthy and low carbon heating, cooling and ventilation

The New Air system recovers the thermal energy of exhaust air that would otherwise be wasted to outside. Stale air is extracted from the space by the unit’s centrifugal fan while another fan draws in clean air from the outside

In summer, energy from the cooler indoor air is transferred via a high efficiency heat exchanger to cool incoming warmer air and then passes through the condenser of the heat pump to optimise performance.  Air from outside now partially cooled passes through the cooling coil of the heat pump to help deliver more energy efficient cooling into the space

In winter months, warmer indoor air transfers part of its energy to pre-heat incoming air from outside.  This air then passes through the cooling coil of the heat pump increasing the yield, while the outside air, already partially heated, passes through the hot coil of the heat pump, to provide more energy efficient heating

The New Air units come in a variety of models as standard, or in compact form for installation within false ceilings. For more information, download the product brochures below

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New Air Features

  • Air flow capacities ranging from 700 to 30,000 m3/hr
  • Renewable heating and cooling
  • Heat recovery
  • Energy Saving


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  • Residential
  • Restaurants & Bars
  • Commercial Air Conditioning
  • RT Pool units for Swimming Pools

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