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Who we are

AET was founded in 1993 as a principal worldwide distributor of the “Hiross” Flexible Space underfloor air conditioning system, taking ownership of production in 2010 under AET Manufacturing Ltd, and developing the AET Flexible Space brand.

With over 300 projects worldwide and a portfolio of notable world class developments, AET are the undisputed authority on underfloor air conditioning technology. We have the widest equipment range on the market and can help design bespoke systems to meet client requirements.

AET’s CEO Glan Blake Thomas was instrumental in developing the original Flexible Space “Fantile” and has earned a global reputation as the world’s leading authority on underfloor air conditioning technology and its commercial application.

Glan Blake Thomas talks hot air – videocast
Glan discusses the merits of using the plenum beneath a raised access floor as the ventilation zone and explains how 10-15% height savings can be achieved by adopting underfloor systems early in the design phase of a project.

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