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X-Glass LED Media Wall

X-Glass LED media walls are a new technology designed for high-end market, with brilliant appearance, high transparency and vivid performance

Landrover LED display

The AET X-Glass is a modular LED wall superior to the traditional panels that you see on signage, concerts and events. This offers a variety of advantages over the competition, unlike conventional LED panels which are solid board, thick and heavy, AET X-Glass is super transparent, extremely thin and ultra-light, weighing 60-90% less than other large screen options

Landrover LED display

Today’s building design is very stylish and structures can be complicated. Media façades can be designed to be complimentary to the buildings and their surroundings. The special innovation of X-Glass has many applications. It can add dynamic dimension to the building with a custom graphics, animation and video, while enhancing large building surfaces without compromising the building’s structure

See the display in action – watch the video from the Jaguar Landrover showroom Hong Kong

Jaguar Landrover LED display

With more than 75% transparency, the display is invisible viewed from 5 meters away. It produces amazing image effects, through which the artist and designer can realize their creative ideas

LED Display super transparent


  • Indoor and outdoor advertising, billboards

  • Media façade / building façade lighting effect

  • Tradeshow booths as a creative image backdrop

  • TV studios where audiences view from different angles

  • Music concerts / fashion shows- for live action camera shots

  • Entertainment venues, theme parks, sports arenas

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Super Transparency

Unique led mounting technology and transparent acrylic panel presents up to 80% transparency in order to keep major view from within the building /store

Super Light and Thin

Compact design reduces the display weight to 13kg/sq.m., and the thickness just only 10mm. Light-weight and thin design allows larger digital media facade installation

High Brightness

In daytime the display delivers a stunning light output of 4,500 nits, ensuring a super vivid image details even on the brightest day light. By night the display brightness can be automatically or manually adjusted via software

Easy Installation and Maintenance

There is no need for installation structure. The module is able to be directly stuck on the glass wall using UV glue in seconds. All maintenance can be done indoors

Multi-function System

The system can play video, graphics, animations, text and live broadcasts. Media façades create high-end branding opportunities and is a new way to present in the advertising campaigns