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BLOG: Game Changing Active Air Filtration for Commercial Offices by Matthew Edney

In light of the current world wide pandemic there have been many people speculating on the future of Commercial offices, and whether or not it will ever be safe enough to go back full time. Great efforts have been made throughout the industry to change how commercial property is developed, including how to achieve net Zero Carbon and how to futureproof buildings.

One thing is clear, COVID-19 isn’t the first and will most certainly not be the last virus that we face. So, what can we do to ensure the safety of people who work in an office environment? Most of us will know that when a hospital is designed and built, the HVAC systems are usually heavily filtered so as to reduce any infections being spread, but the same cannot be said for commercial offices. For the best part offices are designed with traditional ceiling based air conditioning systems, and while it is safe to say, these systems have been specified for decades they do not safeguard against airborne pathogens. They are also very difficult to keep clean, as dust particles can build up inside the duct.

A recent government article asked the question “is air conditioning providing a way to spread viruses” There is no simple answer to this question, as there are many different systems on the market. Some systems work by recirculating the air in the space, whilst other systems help to introduce fresh air. Many HVAC manufacturers are now looking at ways to upgrade their offering in an attempt to combat current and future virus issues. Advanced Ergonomic Technologies Ltd are no exception, with the development of our Active Air Filtration, which can be easily retro fitted to our systems already in situ, or be specified for new projects looking to adopt an underfloor option.

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Advanced Ergonomic Technologies Ltd or AET Flexible space as we’re more commonly known have been supplying underfloor air conditioning for over 30 years, and have been installed in some of the most iconic buildings around the world. AET Flexible Space systems offer a vast range of benefits that include increased head height by eliminating the requirement for false ceilings in refurbishment projects, height saving for new buildings, and in some cases can achieve additional floors within the same height, at no extra cost to the developer. Our Active Air Filtration development will be a real game changer, as it will futureproof the building and offer a far safer method of supplying fresh treated air into the office space

AET Flexible Space systems introduce air vertically into the space via active fantile units in the floor, by supplying in this way air (including possible infection) is pushed up and away from the occupants. It is then returned to the CAM (downflow) unit, where it is treated by the Active Air Filtration system. High grade filters catch any particles, and any infection is eliminated by the UVGI lighting. Coupled with the fact that AET Flexible Space systems are inherently flexible, as they do not require the vast quantities of duct or pipework that is associated with ceiling based systems, they are a more sustainable choice.

By Matthew Edney
UK Sales Manager

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