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Super Slim-line Fantile Launched by AET Flexible Space

AET Flexible Space, leading provider of underfloor air conditioning systems has just released the latest version of their market leading recessed fan air terminal, or Fantile.

The new super slim-line TU350 Fantile is similar to the existing TUS Fantile, with an equivalent unit height of just 160mm, but the new model has superior performance, achieving higher airflow capacity with reduced noise levels.

Underfloor air conditioning is commonly used in office environments, utilising the plenum beneath a raised floor as the ventilation zone.  Fully conditioned air is supplied into the floor plenum by zonal downflow units (CAMs), and then supplied into the workspace via the recessed fan terminal units, known as a Fantile due to its interchangeability with a 600mm2 floor tile.  The Fantile units feature integrated controllers where users can personally adjust fan speed and temperature to suit their own comfort.  Access to the controller is via a specially designed hatch within the grille that covers the recessed Fantile, or via a newly developed smartphone app.

The slim-line Fantile was specially designed for developers seeking to maximise revenue.  By removing services from the ceiling void and utilising the space beneath the raised floor, height savings of around 450-600 mm can be achieved.  This space saving across an entire development can potentially allow additional floors, increasing net lettable space and therefore increased revenue.  Alternatively, height restricted developments can increase floor to ceiling heights to BCO recommended standards by reclaiming this wasted space in the ceiling zone, thereby increasing rentable value considerably when compared with ceiling based systems.

Based on standard design criteria of an underfloor pressure of 15-20 Pa and 50% fan speed, the TU350 super slim-line Fantile can achieve airflow performance of 300m3/h at NR 37, below the BCO recommendation of NR 38.  The unit is designed to fit into a conventional lay in grid floor and will also fit into a screw down steel floor with a new specially developed adapter kit.

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