What is Underfloor Air Conditioning? AET Flexible SpaceAET Flexible Space

What is UFAC?


AET Flexible Space UFAC systems are zonal air conditioning systems making use of the raised access floor void directly as a plenum for the distribution of air.  Zone units (CAM) that serve areas of up to 300 sq m are suitably located throughout the space to generate conditioned air locally to serve the needs of the space.

The zone units deliver conditioned air into the floor void supply plena and spent air is returned either back through the return plena at floor level or at high level through the ceiling void. Conditioned air is supplied into the work space by recessed fan terminal units or floor standing console terminal units


UFAC is suitable for…

  • commercial offices

  • learning centres

  • call centres

  • media centres

  • mixed use developments


Find out how you can benefit from adopting Under Floor Air Conditioning…

> Architects

> Developers

> Engineers

> Occupants


Overcome height restrictions in refurbishments…here’s how

Attract LEED, BREEAM and other Green Building points…here’s how

UFAC systems are proven to be energy efficient and sustainable through the use of modular equipment and zonal system designs creating comfortable workspace with excellent indoor air quality.  This duct-free approach to air conditioning commercial buildings has the potential to cut the cost of total construction by up to 7% and reduce building energy consumption by up to 30%

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