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Korea Expressway Corporation

South Korea

New headquarters for Korea Expressway Corporation

Total Area

30,000 sq m

CAM-V Underfloor supply air, high level return air

2013 New Build

The Korea Expressway Corporation runs the toll roads in South Korea and actively engages in the construction and maintenance of national expressways.

In 2013 underfloor air conditioning equipment was installed over nineteen floors of the new headquarters tower, over an area of approximately 24,000 sq m. A total of 38 large size CAM-V downflow units supply air at volumes of up to 16,500 m3/hour. The building also uses the AET Flexvisor monitoring system for remote monitoring and control. Underfloor systems were preferred by the client due to the height saving capabilities, flexibility and speed of installation.

AET CAM-V100 and CAM-V150 downflow units were developed specifically for this project by client request and have since become part of the AET Flexible Space extended product range.

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Mikrotik, Latvia

Underfloor air conditioning supplied for the historic VEF factory redevelopment in Riga, Latvia


55 Gresham Street

Underfloor air conditioning was specified for the new ninth floor office level so that floor to ceiling height could be maximised, promoting the best architectural vision.


Mukusalas 42, Latvia

Underfloor air conditioning chosen by Mukusalas Business Centres for tenant flexibility.


42 Berners Street

Underfloor air conditioning was specified as a means to maximise internal floor to ceiling height, and the final design achieved an extra floor within planning limitations.


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