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Mikrotik, Latvia

Riga, Latvia

Underfloor air conditioning supplied for the historic VEF factory redevelopment in Riga, Latvia

Total Area

1790 sq m

CAM-C Underfloor supply air, underfloor return air

2017 Refurbishment

Mikrotik, a Latvian company specialising in routers and wireless ISP systems moved into new Headquarters at the premises of the former VEF production hall in Riga.  The historic building constructed in the late 1800’s housed a number of electromechanical companies until the state factory took over the site in 1928 until the site was destroyed by fire in 1989.

The brief was to create modern hi-tech workspace whilst preserving historical features. The underfloor system comprises a total of 21 zones served by both CAM-C and CAM-V downflow units, and a total of 350 TU4 Fantiles introducing conditioned air into the space.  Mikrotik occupied the new space in summer 2017.

Developer – Friteks

End User – Mikrotik

Main Contractor – Zenico Projekts

M&E Contractor – Lafivents

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55 Gresham Street

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